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it’s CHEAP
  • because it is the first professional low-cost network
  • because we work with low membership fee with harmony of the idea of low-cost effectivity
  • because only the membership fee and the costs of the conference you visit must be paid
  • because visits on conferences are compulsory ONLY in every second year
  • because we keep the costs of the annual meetings as reasonably low as possible all over the world
  • because you do not have any bank, administration and bureaucratic costs within the Network
  • because our general administration is not bureucratic
  • because we work with reliable partners worldwide
  • we are always near at your hand to help you to develop your business relationships in the Network
  • because EASY CARGO NETWORK welcomes new, start up companies
  • beacause we always develop EASY CARGO NETWORK to give you the best
  • because we focus on relevant network issues only
it's EASY
  • because by means of a simple decision you can EASY-ly get in touch with other cargo agents and companies  worldwide
  • because by filling up our simple application form you will be EASY-ly and  immediately become the member of EASY CARGO NETWORK , so joining procedure is EASY
  • because in global family teamwork it is the EASY-est to make the biggest profit with the lowest investment
  • because the way we use English language is EASY for everybody