I am Szabolcs Szamosi. A businessman and a network specialist.
This is a EUROPEAN BASED freight forwarding network. Here it is!

is a virtual family in which you can find your business partners from all over the world, where real successes are born. I believe in teamwork, I believe in the power of networks and I also believe that even if you fight alone and even if you are the most professional leader…hmm…well, real successes are born in teams.

EASY CARGO NETWORK is the first professional low-cost cargo network from a totally new idea!

Our main purpose is to build up a low-cost, effective, profitable  cargo network, which generates new businesses all over the world promoting Your company, for Your greatest satisfaction. 

Me and my business partner came from the business sector, I worked mainly in the sport and management industry, my co-founder has been working in freight forwarding for a long time.

Based on our business and freight forwarding experiences we created a low-cost freight forwarding network. We want to have  good businesses and cooperation among our members rather than friendships, but of course our business relationship network makes it possibble for all of us to get real friendships as well in the future.

We are collecting and selecting such potential partners solely who generate real businesses and real profit. Our purpose is to give you some PLUS by bringing you into the decisions, formulation and every day life of Easy. Therefore we encourage our members for active communication to keep each of us updated.

We made our low membership fee with the harmony of the idea of low-cost effectivity. We keep conference every year and although  we find personal contacts important, we do not insist you to visit it every year, which also helps to reduce and minimise your yearly network expenses! 

Our motto is ’ work hard, but stay Easy ’: just leave unimportant things, empty words, senseless costs for others. To be part of a pool is a good thing by making use of all its advantages. Of course to operate and maintain of such a group costs some money, but not more than we ask as Membership fee from our  members…